Games On Board in English

Our game posts contain various information about them. What we enjoy making most are tutorials for our Youtube channel. To help you explain the games sometimes we make 2 different tutorials for the same game:

  • Detailed Tutorials for the game owner
    We cover all the game rules in detail: we have reviewed FAQs, online forums, played the game over and over, and at times, we’ve even contacted the authors to solve our doubts.
  • Express tutorials to teach others how to play
    These are shorter and straight to the point so you can teach others how to play without going into those unnecessary or more complex rules that you don’t need to know at the beginning of the game and that the game host will explain as they come up during the gaming session. Our goal is that you use these videos to teach other players how you to play while you set up the game.

We also make:

  • Video Reviews
    To get a first view of the game, see the contents, talk about its author, about our experience playing it and also if it might fit in your collection or gaming group.
  • Gameplays
    Here we focus on what’s important, enjoying the game and having fun.
  • Game Hacks
    Downloadable material and tricks to pimp up your games and enhance you gaming experience.

We hope you enjoy our content nearly as much as we have enjoyed ourselves creating it.

Bellow you’ll find our latest blog entries in English, although we recommend you navigate using the menu.

Anaconda (EN)

Anaconda (EN)

ANACONDA Original name: Anaconda Published: 2010 Designer: Ralf Peeters Artist: – …
Sushi Go! (EN)

Sushi Go! (EN)

SUSHI GO! Original name: Sushi Go! Published: 2013 (Indiegogo) Designer: Phil Walker …
Arcadia Quest Inferno (EN)

Arcadia Quest Inferno (EN)

ARCADIA QUEST INFERNO Name: Arcadia Quest Inferno Published:2017 (CMON) Designer: Eric M. …

Games on Board, we do the reading, you do the playing.