Games On Board in English

At Games On Board we enjoy making:

  • Detailed Tutorials for the game owner
    We cover all the game rules in detail, including the FAQs, of games we have played over and over.
  • Express tutorials to teach others how to play
    These are shorter and straight to the point. Our goal is that you use these videos to teach other players how you to play while you set up the game.
  • Previews, Gameplays and Game Hacks (downloadable material and tricks to pimp up your games and enhance you gaming experience).

Enjoy! Our latest blog entries are listed below but we recommend you navigate using the menu.

The Magic Cave (EN)

Original Name: La Cueva Mágica | Designer: José María Bellostas | Artists: Ana Belén Dominguez…
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Tortilla de Patatas (EN)

Original name: Tortilla de Patatas: The Game (2014) | Designer: Xavier Carrascosa |…
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Cartagena (EN)

Original name: Cartagena (2000) | Designer: Leo Colovini |…
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Mondrian (EN)

Original name: Mondrian The Dice Game (2016) | Designers: Israel Cendrero, Sheila Santos…
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Laser Maze (EN)

LASER MAZE Original name: Laser Maze (2012) | Designer: Luke Hooper | Artists: N/A |…
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