Anaconda (EN)


Original name: Anaconda (2010) | Designer: Ralf Peeters | Artists: N/A | Publisher: Smart Games | Players: 1 | Age: 7+ | Time: Varies per challenge | Price: 15-20€


Anaconda is a solitaire mind puzzle where you have to use puzzle pieces to make a snake from head to tail. Some of those pieces will start fixed on the game board, and you will have to decide where the remaining pieces fit, and what side to use. There is a total of 100 different challenges.

It sounds easy, right? Think again…

Review and tutorial

The game rules are very simple so we have explained them in our video review. Here we will also cover the game characteristics, the quality of the components and we’ll give you our opinion to hep you figure out if it fits your collection.

Games on Board, we do the reading, you do the playing.

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