Arcadia Quest Inferno (EN)


Original name: Arcadia Quest Inferno (2017) | Designers: Eric M. Lang,Thiago Aranha, Guilherme Goulart, Fred Perret | Artist: Andrea Cofrancesco | Publisher: CMON | Players: 3-4 | Age: 13+ | Time: 60′-120’ | Price: +-90€


Arcadia Quest Inferno is an expansion of Arcadia Quest that can be played with the original game or on its own. It brings a new campaign where new heroes from the Shark, Tiger, Crow and Serpent guilds will descend to the depths of hell. There, they will find new allies, the Angels, that will help them fight the demons loyal to The Underlord. That is, if the heroes don’t piss the angels off.


In this unboxing video we’ll show you the contents of the enormous and heavy box of Arcadia Quest Inferno. We’ll focus on the miniatures, that as you can see below, we’ve turned into 360° images for you.


To see each one of these miniatures in 360º, click on its image then scroll down to find the interactive image.

Para ver las siguientes miniaturas en 360º, haz click sobre su imagen para abrir la entrada donde se encuentra ubicada.

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