Dixit & Dixit Odyssey (EN)


Original name: Dixit / Dixit Odyssey (2008) | Designer: Jean-Louis Roubira | Artist: Marie Cardouat | Publisher: Libellud/Asmodee | Players: Dixit (3-6), Odyssey (3-12) | Age: 6+ | Time: 30′ | Price: 25-30€

Today we bring you: Dixit (Spiel des Jahres 2010) and Dixit Odyssey, which is one of the expansions of Dixit (explained in detailed tutorial). It is a narrative abstract game where cards with beautiful and at the same time disturbing paintings are used. You’ll have to give clues about your cards, neither too easy nor too difficult, in order to get points and win the game.

Express Tutorial

In this tutorial, in less than 2 minutes we’ll give you a quick idea of the game. Use it to instruct newcomers playing the game for the first time while you shuffle the cards.

Detailed Tutorial

In this tutorial we explain absolutely everything about the game. How to set everything up, all the rules, FAQ… It is perfect for the game owner. You’ll be able to open the box and play right away without reading the rule booklet. Here we also talk about the differences between Dixit and Dixit Odyseey and show an efficient scoring system for games with lots of players.

It is a really easy and fun game that I have found everyone to like no matter how experienced they were in board gaming. It is a must in every collection. Without doubt, it is one of my favorites.

Games on Board, we do the reading, you do the playing.

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