Mondrian (EN)

Original name: Mondrian The Dice Game (2016) | Designers: Israel Cendrero, Sheila Santos | Artist: Pedro Soto | Publisher: Tranjis Games (2016) | Players: 2-4 | Age: 10+ | Time: 30′ | Price: 20-25€


Mondrian is a competitive dexterity game where you toss, roll and flick dice onto a canvass created with cards. You do so aiming to land your dice on specific cards that you later use to create a masterpiece inspired in Mondrian’s famous compositions. A game of majorities with a kflick.


In this review we’ll talk about the game: type, price, designer, illustrator, publisher… We’ll show you its components and talk about their quality. We’ll give you a quick idea on its mechanics and how it is played. We’ll finish off with a review where we’ll share our opinion and help you on your purchase.

Express Tutorial

Use this “express” tutorial to teach new players how to play. It is quick and straight to the point to avoid overwhelming them with unnecessary information. It skips the setup and any confusing rules that you can clarify when necessary. Play it for them while you set up the game.

Detailed Tutorial

This tutorial is for the game owner. We’ll show you how to play Mondrian from scratch, right out of the box. You’ll learn how to set the game up and all the rules, including those clarified by the game designers on FAQs.

Games on Board, we do the reading, you do the playing.

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