Virus! (EN)


Original name: Virus! (2015) | Designers: Doming Cabrero, Carlos López, Santi Santisteban | Artists: Domingo Cabrero, David GJ, Carlos López, Santi Santisteban | Publisher: Tranjis Games | Players: 2-6 | Age: 8+ | Time: 20′ | Price: 12-15€


There has been an experimental virus outbreak at the Our Lady of Tranjis Hospital and no one stands a chance. As a researcher your goal is to find the cure to this virus that is quickly spreading to other departments. So find healthy organs (steal them if necessary), vaccinate them and immunize them to protect yourself from attacks. As soon as you get 4 healthy organs, you will win the game.

Detailed tutorial

This tutorial is for both game owners and new players. We explain absolutely everything: How to set it up, all the rules, faqs, we even contacted the authors for this one. It’s perfect to pop the game open and play right away without having to read the rules.

Video review

We’ve also made a video review where we talk about the quality of the components, we give a quick description of the game mechanics, share our opinion after playing many games and end with helping you decide if it’s the right game for your collection.

Games on Board, we do the reading, you do the playing.

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