The Magic Cave (EN)

Original NameLa Cueva Mágica | Designer: José María Bellostas | Artists: Ana Belén Dominguez, Darío Muel Guerrero |Published: 2017 (Darbel) | Players: 2-5 | Age: 6+ | Length: 20′-40′ | Price: 20-23€


In The Magic Cave the goal is to finish the game with the most treasures. The treasures are lying around in a cave, carefully watched by Ali’s 40 thieves.

The game has a “Memory” type mechanic: you will first get a quick peep inside of the cave, and after covering the cave, you will try to remember the treasures you saw and pick them among the identical pieces that are outside the cave.

You have to be careful though. Some of these treasures share a strong resemblance. If you pick the wrong one, you’ll wake the thieves up!


In this review we’ll talk about the game: type, price, designer, illustrator, publisher… We’ll show you its components and talk about their quality. We’ll give you a quick idea on its mechanics and how it is played. We’ll finish off with a review where we’ll share our opinion and help you on your purchase.

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