Tortilla de Patatas (EN)

Original name: Tortilla de Patatas: The Game (2014) | Designer: Xavier Carrascosa | Artists: Xavier Carrascosa, Darío Muel Guerrero | Publisher: Darbel |Players: 2 or 4 | Age: 6+ | Time: 15′-20′ | Price: 12-15€


Who doesn’t love a Spanish omelet? With or without onions, well done or juicy… Everyone has their preference and you’re gonna have to cook some for some very demanding clients.

Tortilla de Patatas: The Game is a memory game for 2 or 4 players where you have to cook some Spanish omelets using the ingredients you are provided and the once you manage to snatch away from your adversaries. Will you know when the recipe is ready?


In this review we’ll talk about the game: type, price, designer, illustrator, publisher… We’ll show you its components and talk about their quality. We’ll give you a quick idea on its mechanics and how it is played. We’ll finish off with a review where we’ll share our opinion and help you on your purchase. The video has links to our tutorials, where we explain all the rules in detail, and to a playlists with music to play in the background during your gaming session.

Games on Board, we do the reading, you do the playing.

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